Shaye & Riah

Shaye & Riah


We’re a fun-loving mom daughter duo from Brooklyn, NY and we both love all things Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. In our “spare time” I do “boring things” like run Popcorn and Tequila, my entertainment site for millennial adults, while Riah does amazing things like working with YouTube and Soul Pancake to make cool videos for kids as their Kid Correspondent.


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What to Watch

Love moves and tv shows? Need something new to watch on Family Movie Night? Here’s what’s new!

Travel Diary

We may not always post photos on social media, but we do thangs! We go places! And I’m always happy to write about it.

Things To Buy

Listen, I’m not tryna tell you how to spend your coins, but these are cute! So if you don’t buy them for you, feel free to buy them for me!

Parent Reviews

Stop! Before you hit play on that new show /movie everyone is talking about, find out if it’s safe for the kids to watch below.

Kid Chats

Every now and then we get to talk to a few famous kids, so if you miss it on YouTube, you can watch those convos below.

Trip Ideas

Looking for a quick family getaway? Here are a few ideas you should totally check out!

Kids Corner

Here you’ll find activity sheets, crafts, recipes, unboxing videos, and even kid reviews, to keep the kids busy, or to have a fun day indoors.

Family Getaways

This section is coming soon. But in the mean time, check out these posts below.