Alex And Me Kid’s Review

Alex And Me movie kids review

On Sunday, I watched the Alex And Me movie by myself and I liked it a lot. (I watched the movie thanks to Camp Warner Bros, you can click here for more information about Camp.) Here’s my full review of the Alex And Me movie for kids.

The Alex and Me movie is about …

Reagan who is trying out for a soccer team called crush but she got cut so she joins a soccer team called breakaways. Reagan hits her head when she fell and she imagined Alex Morgan training her to become a good soccer player.

After Reagan hits her head again Alex Morgan disappeared right before a diamond cup and the real Alex Morgan and the breakaways won.

But I’m sorry you guys, I can’t tell you any more about Alex and Me because I like to spoil things and I don’t want to spoil the movie for you and your family if you haven’t watched it yet.

Alex and Me Made Me Feel ….

Happy – When …

I was happy throughout the entire movie.

Scared – When …

I was scared when I thought the breakaways were going to lose a game.

My favorite part was …

when the Breakaways won their first game and they got ice cream.

My least favorite part was …

when Reagan got cut from Crush even though she really, really wanted to be on the team.


I really liked it…

when the Breakaways won the Diamond Cup and got ice cream. The Diamond Cup is what their final soccer game is called.

I disliked it …

when Reagan hit her head twice, in the beginning, and at the end of the movie.

Alex and Me taught me that …

practice makes perfect! In the movie, Reagan practices every day until she is perfect which caused the Breakaways to win two games instead of 3.

I would recommend this to my friends and other kids because …

it is a good movie and you can learn a lot about soccer.

I would watch this again because …

it is a great movie and it teaches an important lesson.


Love, Sariah (I hope you love it.)

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Written by Riah


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