So yesterday Riah and I had the pleasure of interviewing the Platt family (aka our favorite family) from Disney Plus’s new cooking competition, Be Our Chef! And it was such a fun interview! I’m so glad they were able to join us and discuss their experience on the show.

I’ve included the video for our FULL interview below, so you can see how great this interview really was, and to see my daughter in action. (Cause this girl was pulling out random questions that weren’t even apart of our script, and just blew us all away. Lol) However …

If you’re wondering what we discussed during the interview, here are a few things we covered:

  • How the Platt family got into cooking 
  • How they found out about Be Our Chef
  • What made them say “okay we should sign up for this”
  • What the audition process was like
  • Dad’s silly comments during the show
  • What was their favorite dish to make on the show
  • Michael’s experience on Food Network
  • How Gabriel got into art + what his comics are about
  • That time the Platt family got put on timeout while cooking
  • How the entire family focuses on their individual strengths
  • How the Platt family isn’t scared to ask for help, even live on a tv show
  • What they’ve been up to during lockdown

Here’s our interview with the Platt family about their experience on Be Our Chef:

You’ll notice during our interview the Platt family discussed a few of their businesses, and a few things on social media – like that Black Panther dessert we missed out on during the Be Our Chef finale, Gabriel’s comic books, etc., so I’ve included the links below so it’s easier for you to find!

Gabriel’s Comics

Click here to purchase a comic and support and …

Click here to follow Gabriel on Instagram.

The Platt Family’s Spices

be our chef platt family spices

Click here to check out the Platt family’s website

Here to place an order for their spices on Esty and …

Click here to follow the Platt family on Instagram.

Michael’s Black Panther Inspired Cake


View this post on Instagram


#Wakanda cake is done. It was inspired by the tunnel battle between T’Challa and Killmomger along with the ancestral plane/plain. It’s a lemon cake with lemon curd filling, whipped frosting with #Macarons, #chocolate shards, chocolate ganache drip and #gold splatter. #wakandaforever #blackpanther #michaelsdesserts #boybaker #cake #instafood #kidsofinstagram #food #cookies

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Click here to check out Michael’s baking business and nonprofit.

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Please make sure you watch our interview so you can hear just how truly amazing the Platt family is and not only what their experience was like, but how their appearance on the show also inspired my daughter and me.

If you haven’t watched Be Our Chef on Disney Plus yet, click here to watch the Platt Family compete today.

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