Week 1 Recap: Super Hero Week

So last week for Week 1 of Camp Warner Bros, Riah and I got to watch the LEGO DC: Shazam! Magic and Monsters movie, and Riah went through a “superhero training” which she enjoyed. We also tie-dyed our camp shirts and made bracelets to “get ready” for camp. So here’s a full recap of Camp Warner Bros Week 1.

Getting Ready For Camp Warner Bros Week 1

So to get ready for camp, first, we made bracelets …

camp warner bros making bracelets

And then we tie-dyed our shirts …

camp warner bros tie dye shirts

camp warner bros tie dye shirts

Check out our 2 min recap video for the final products below!

Then it was on to our camp activity …

Camp Warner Bros Week 1 Activity Recap

Riah really had fun with her superhero training, but it was a tad bit too easy for her. Thankfully the other activities seem a little bit more her speed (age-wise) so I’m looking forward to seeing how she does!

If you’re wondering “what training” …

click here to check out the training video.

Last but not least, we watched the LEGO DC Shazam movie, which Riah has seen twice now because she just watched it again this morning!

Here’s what she thought of the movie …

Camp Warner Bros Week 1 Movie Review

lego dc shazam magic and monsters bluray dvd digital camp Warner Bros week 1

“I really liked the movie and I think kids should watch it!” – Riah, 8 yrs old

Click here to read Riah’s kid’s review of LEGO DC: Shazam! Magic and Monsters.

Don’t forget – You can rent the movie on Amazon for $3.99, purchase a digital copy for $13.99, or grab the movie on Blu-ray + DVD + Digital for $17.96! It’s totally up to you! (Keep scrolling to purchase the movie below.)

Also – don’t forget to grab snacks! Lol (Priorities right!)

Here’s what we used to create our bracelets and shirts, along with the movie so you can host your own Camp Warner Bros Super Hero Week at home. (Not the exact same items, but definitely the same brands we used.) 

Wanna join us for Week 2? Click here to sign up and join our Tater Tots bunk! I’ll have a post up in a bit about our Week 2 movie and activity, but you’ll also get an email with all the details!

LEGO DC: Shazam! Magic and Monsters is now available to own on Digital, Blu-ray & DVD.

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