Camp Warner Bros Week 2: Candy Science Week

Hi Tater Tots! This week, we’re going to have some fun with science, color mixing, and learning patience, to make a delicious treat inspired by the Steven Universe movie camp on Thursday.

(Time to still be determined, but I’ll let you know via email, so make sure you sign up for our camp here to get those emails.)

There will also be a special movie night viewing of the movie on Friday at 7 PM EST. So make sure you grab your copy of Steven Universe: The Movie today and join us on Zoom! The link will be sent out via email.

You can rent the movie on Amazon for $2.99, purchase a digital copy for $11.99, or grab the movie on Blu-ray + DVD + Digital for $14.99! It’s totally up to you! Just don’t forget to grab snacks! Lol (Priorities right!)

Camp Warner Bros Week 2 Movie

steven universe the movie dvd

About Steven Universe: The Movie

After so many harrowing adventures, Steven and the Gems are ready to celebrate how far they’ve come with a movie musical! Little do they know they’re about to face their worst enemy yet.

Watch the trailer here

I’m not gonna lie I’m excited about this one! I’m a big fan of Cartoon Network, I grew up watching it as a kid, and even though I haven’t watched Steven Universe, I’m pretty sure my kid has. Plus I’ve heard lots of good stuff about the show, so I’m excited to watch this!

Camp Warner Bros Week 2 Activity

camp warner bros week 2 steven universe crystal gem candy activity

I’m also super excited for this activity. I’ve NEVER made rock candy before, so I can’t wait to do it with my daughter this week.

I’m not too excited about the wait time though, but we’ll see how this goes! Hopefully, it comes out great!

The Science Behind The Fun:

As time passes (and the solution cools), the water will slowly evaporate from the solution. As the water evaporates, the solution will become more saturated with sugar. The sugar molecules will collect on the string, and the candy crystals will grow molecule by molecule!

Extra Science Fun:

Try making two jars of candy. In the first jar – seed your “Crystal Gem” Candy by rolling your string in water and sugar. In the second jar do not seed your string with sugar before growing. Determine if using seed sugar crystals changes the growth rate of your “Crystal Gem” Candy!

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Movie review, say what? Yup! Lol Click here to watch our video to find out WHY your kid has been asked to write a movie review.

Hint: This was all my 8-year old’s idea. I swear! Lol

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Camp Warner Bros Movie Checklist

Camp Warner Bros Movie Review Template

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Can’t wait to see you Tater Tots on Thursday and Friday!

Steven Universe: The Movie is now available to own on Digital, Blu-ray & DVD.

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