Camp Warner Bros: Week 4 Movie + Activity Details

camp Warner bros week 4

Camp Warner Bros Week 4: Cooking + Coloring Week

So last week … for Camp Warner Bros Week 4 my daughter and her grandma watched the Scooby-Doo!: WrestleMania Mystery movie.

I was super, duper, busy so I didn’t even have time to sit and watch it with them. (Henceforth why this post is also being posted during Week 5, but whatever. It’s above me now. *cackles*) But from what I overheard, they really enjoyed the movie!

We also haven’t done the activity yet, but we definitely plan on doing it this week because I’m kind of excited to see what it’ll taste like!

All the instructions are below if you’d like to participate as well.

Camp Warner Bros Week 4 Movie

scooby doo wrestlemania movie

About the Scooby-Doo!: WrestleMania Mystery movie

When Shaggy and Scooby win tickets to WrestleMania®, they convince the entire Mystery Inc. gang to travel to WWE City in the Mystery Machine to enjoy the show. But the trip quickly turns into another mystery as WWE City is full of secrets!

A mysterious ghostly bear appears and threatens to ruin the show and steal the championship title belt. With the help of WWE Superstars John Cena®, Triple H®, Sin Cara®, Brodus Clay®, AJ Lee™, The Miz®, Santino®,  and Kane® –  Scooby-Doo and The Mystery Inc. gang team up to solve the case before it is too late!

Watch the Scooby-Doo!: WrestleMania Mystery movie trailer


And if you didn’t already know … Scooby-Doo!: WrestleMania Mystery is now available to own on Digital, Blu-ray & DVD.


Click here to rent the movie on Amazon for $1.99 or purchase it for $6.99.

Camp Warner Bros Week 4 Activity

Scooby Snack Recipe

Campers can get out of the summer heat and into the kitchen (with the help of a grown-up) to fuel up for WrestleMania® with this tasty “Scooby Snack” recipe.

scooby doo snack recipe

Then … bring out the artist in your little ones as they bring the characters to life with these printable coloring pages below!

Scooby-Doo Coloring Pages

scooby doo wrestlemania movie coloring page

scooby doo wrestlemania movie coloring page

My daughter will have her review up soon! But until then …

Click here to check out what the movie + activity was for Camp Warner Bros Week 3.


Written by Shaye Wyllie


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