That’s right! This year, Cartoon Network celebrates Father’s Day with a special half-hour episode of “Craig of the Creek” to kick-off Season 3!

The new Father’s Day episode premieres on Cartoon Network at 6 PM ET/PT on Sunday, June 21. My daughter and I don’t watch this show, but, we may have too! This looks super cute.

Here’s more info about the new Craig of the Creek Father’s Day episode:


6:00 p.m. ET/PT – “Craig of the Creek”

“The Other Side: The Tournament” – Hoping to win a special prize for his Dad’s birthday, Craig and his friends compete in a tournament on the Other Side of the Creek!

Check out a clip from the new episode below

New Craig Of The Creek Episodes All Week

Also, Season 2 of CN’s hit series “Craig of the Creek” wraps up with a week of new episodes starting on Monday, June 8 at 10:00 a.m. ET/PT and will include the series’ first-ever musical episode!

Which, by the way my daughter LOVES musical episodes! Lol

When she found out Henry Danger (on Nickelodeon) had a musical episode she watched it like a thousand times! I swear! I love musicals too, but I had to tell her to watch something else. Lol

So here’s to another musical episode she can watch until it drives me crazy!

See the complete line-up of new episodes below!

All episodes below will premiere at 10:00 a.m. ET/PT.


“In the Key of the Creek” – When a rainy day keeps Craig inside, he uses his toys and imagination to create his own Creek adventure in Craig of the Creek’s first musical episode!

“The Children of the Dog” – Craig has tried to convince his family to get a dog for years but has never been successful, but he may have a chance if he follows the guidance of a charismatic creek kid and her three-step program.


“Jessica Shorts” – Spend some time with Craig’s little sister, Jessica, with a series of 5 short stories.  Follow along as she trains to be the best video game fighter in “Power Punchers,” deals with a loose tooth in “Incisor Trading,” puts on her own TV show in “The Jessica & Small Uncle Show,” saves Kelsey’s sword in “Jessica in Operation” and takes family game night too far in “Jessica in Payup!”

“Ferret Quest” – The kids are on the search for an elusive ferret in the Creek. Kelsey unites her friends, Stacks, and Wildernessa to find it, but worries they’d rather hang out with each other instead of her.


“Into the Overpast” – Craig and The Green Poncho travel to the Other Side of the Creek where Craig learns Green Poncho’s shocking origin story.

“The Time Capsule” – Worried he’ll one day forget all his favorite memories, Craig creates a time capsule to remember them all.


“Beyond the Rapids” – Resident creek scientist, Wren, enlists Craig to voyage through dangerous waters in search of a path to the Ocean.

“The Jinxening” – Craig, Kelsey, and JP help a kid who’s been jinxed and can’t talk, but they soon come to regret it.

Are you guys all caught up on Craig of the Creek?

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