What It’s Like Flying First Class With Kids For The First Time

If you’re following me on Instagram, or you’re apart of the Black Disney Moms Facebook group, then you already know Riah asked me to fly FIRST CLASS for her 10th birthday!

And if I’m being completely honest, it’s totally MY fault. I did this to myself.

I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, and told her to think BIG.

Boy did she catch me by surprise when she said she wanted to fly first class!

I had never flown first class before, and I’m almost 30! But here goes my almost 10 year old screaming “FIRST CLASS ME BABY”.

Okay, that’s not exactly what she said, but you get the point.

Anywho … a magical genie granted her wish, and we flew First Class from NYC (Newark Airport) to Orlando on United Airlines, for her 10th birthday trip to Walt Disney World. Which was also our first trip to Disney on the East Coast! That was also our first and last first class flight for a while, unless someone wants to fly us out for an event or something!

But if you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like flying first class with United Airlines (with kids) then here’s a full recap of our experience.

Here’s What It’s Like Flying First Class With United (With Kids) For The Very First Time

We flew First Class with United because it was a bit cheaper than the other airlines, and I had some credits with them, from a previous flight that got canceled due to Covid.

And while we did have a few set backs, the experience was still totally worth it.

flying first class with united

Checking in, when you’ve got First Class seats …

Is almost a breeze!

Of course, I almost got on the wrong line, because I hadn’t realized First Class gets their OWN checkin line! But a staff member was nice enough to let us slide over to the right line.

And since not everyone is flying first class with United Airlines, those checkin lines are shorter!

Now waiting for your First Class flight to take off with kids is GREAT!

We were early, but thanks to the shorter checkin lines, we were done pretty quick.

So of course we had time to check out the food court! Which we BOTH loved!

They had pizza, sandwiches, and even a RAMEN BAR!

I’m not gonna lie, I’m glad my kid didn’t notice the ramen bar until AFTER we got pizza, because she’s totally a ramen fanatic!

And once we got food, I was worried we wouldn’t be able to find seats. But nope! There were a ton of seats in our area, with iPads, for the kids to play on, and for parents to use.

flying first class with united with kids

Of course once we sat to eat, we learned that you can actually use the iPads to order your food! And if I’m not mistaken, I’m pretty sure you can have someone bring it right to your seat? I guess the next time we go back, I’ll be sure to check this out.

Now, Riah’s pizza was a bit burnt on the bottom, so she hated it. But of course mine was made perfectly, so she ate half of mine instead. It was really good too!

Of course, when you’re boarding your First Class flight …

You’re one of the first parties to board, and settle in. As soon as we were all seated, they asked us what we wanted to drink. I opted out of my free wine, because I usually don’t drink when my kid is with me, and I only like sweet wine. But that was also an option.

If you’re wondering what book she was reading, while enjoying her First Class seats, here it is.

She loved this book, and apparently it’s a triology, so here’s the link if your kids are interested in reading on their next trip.

But the in-flight First Class sandwiches is Riah’s absolute favorite perk.

I had no clue we were getting food on our flight, but when they came around and asked I took one of each so she could try them.

The one pictured below was her favorite! Again, this was supposed to be mine, but she hated the chicken sandwich, so she stole mine. She’s always eating my food.

flying first class with united

And just so you know … my kid is the pickiest of eaters! She does NOT eat bread!

So she never eats sandwiches! But apparently fancy bread is her thing?

I expected her to hate this, just off of the ingredients, but nope!

She happily ate the entire thing. She even requested the photo below!

flying first class with united with kids

She also requested to fly First Class again, just for the sandwiches, and said that next time she’ll take her Grandma, to see if she likes them too, so it’s fairly easy to say this was her favorite part.

But now the real question you’ve all been dying for me to answer …

Is flying First Class with United Airlines (with kids) really worth it?

Well … yes.

For the experience, it’s totally worth paying the extra, so your kids can experience the finer “luxuries” in life.

It’s something every family should do, at least one, just to say they’ve done it.

However, we did have a few mishaps, that almost made me regret buying our tickets.

First, there was NO WIFI on our flight!

So we also didn’t get the tablets we were supposed to, for in-flight entertainment! Which left us pretty much on our own, entertainment wise. Which sucked!

But no WIFI also meant I couldn’t text anyone until we landed. Which was a little worrisome, since a friend was picking us up, and we were getting in late.

I wanted to check in, but couldn’t.

Oh and just because you’re first class doesn’t mean you’re the first to board.

You’re one OF the first, but there are others who get priority. Like families with little kids.

And this is NO biggie to me, it just didn’t feel very special, since we still had to wait.

I also didn’t see any outlets to charge our devices?

And I mean … they have that in regular ol’ coach seats y’all.

So why weren’t there any on our flight? Ugh!

Then our flight got delayed.

And I was just like … well, glad we’re getting in the night before!

Of course, some of these things are clearly uncontrollable, but they did dampen our First Class experience a bit.

But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do it again! I absolutely would.

We love experiences, and I’m all for paying for convenience, so I’d happily fly First Class again. I’m looking forward to checking out some of the fancier airlines with her soon!

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