Last week, during our Mid-Winter break, Riah and I got to screen Disney Plus’s new movie, Flora and Ulysses! It was super cute, but as always you know I’ve gotta give you all the details before you sit down to watch this with your fam! So, here’s my Flora and Ulysses movie review below!

Here’s Everything Parents Need To Know About The Flora And Ulysses Movie On Disney Plus

This Parent Review is also for Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Godparents, siblings, and anyone else that may be looking to watch the Flora And Ulysses movie with kids.

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What is the Flora And Ulysses movie about?

Flora and Ulysses is a super cute kid “superhero” movie, where the superhero happens to be a squirrel, who Flora names Ulysses. (Probably after the vacuum that sucks him up early on in the film.) But since no mother wants a crazy squirrel in their house, Flora’s mom tells Flora to get rid of it! And then Flora finds out that Ulysses has superpowers!

The film is cute, and right on brand for Disney Plus, with a very family oriented feel. Flora’s dad and mom are separated, but on their adventures of trying to ensure no one hurts Ulysses, both parents manage to find their way back to each other.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out here: Flora And Ulysses Movie Trailer

Is this movie kid-friendly?

Yup! It’s on Disney Plus, and you can totally let your kids watch this one alone while you work with no worries.

Is this movie best for younger kids? Older kids?

I’d say, somewhere in between? Ages 5 – 9 would be great, depending on what your kid likes. My 8 year old daughter loved it. I mean there’s a superhero squirrel!

Are there any inappropriate scenes or components for kids? (ex: language, songs, etc.)

Nothing that I noticed!

Are there any positive messages in this movie?

Nothing that I can recall. Which is weird. But it’s still cute either way!

How scary is the Flora And Ulysses movie?

Not scary at all! Not like horror move scary anyway. There may be one or two moments, if your kids still get scared when they think something bad is going to happen to someone, but that’s about it.

Is there a ton of violence in this movie?

There is a scene where dad is shot with a few darts, that I thought was a bit much, but they tried to make it funny, so it’s not like we’re sitting here watching Avengers: End Game or anything!

Was it worth the price for our family?

Of course we pay for Disney Plus monthly, and since this film doesn’t require us to pay extra to watch it, I guess you could say it was worth it? My 8 year old really liked it.

But of course, it’s different for each family, so keep your family in mind when reading my thoughts. YOU know your family best. So if your family would totally enjoy Flora And Ulysses, it may totally be worth it.

Will parents actually enjoy this movie?

I tuned out a few times, as I’ve done with pretty much every Disney Plus movie? I’m a bigger fan of Disney Channel movies, which tend to have a tad bit more drama and action for me? But if you’ve enjoyed all of Disney Plus’s original movies so far, you should enjoy this as well!

Are there any catchy songs kids may remember or get stuck in your head?


Do you need to stay for the end credits?

Yes! Watch the credits!

Anything else worth mentioning?

Well, of course, there is! Lol

If you’ve read my movie reviews on Popcorn and Tequila (my movies + tv shows blog for adults) then you know I ALWAYS have a ton to say. Lol

So here are some other things worth mentioning …

  • Flora is super into comics, and I loved seeing Disney highlight a girl who’s into comics!

  • I may have laughed a bit too much at Flora’s Dad when he called her “Flora the Explorer”.

  • Look out for the Duck Tales easter egg, and the Captain Marvel shield!

  • I appreciate the attempt to diversify some of the cast (dad) but alas, I’m sure I counted like 2 Black people overall in this town. I can remember 1 Latina. *sigh* When I start counting, you know it’s a problem.

  • Speaking of problems, I don’t like the way one of the kids was just magically not blind! I think it’s great kids will be introduced to kids who may not be able to see, but to just have them magically not be blind is ridiculous! I don’t get the point! It feels careless. But ya know … it’s Disney!

That’s about it!

I hope this movie review helps you make a decision on whether or not the Flora And Ulysses movie is right for you and your family.

Movies are supposed to be a fun activity for parents and kids to enjoy together, but there’s nothing worse than paying for a movie that your kid HATES. So I really do hope this helped!

If it did, please let me know in the comments.

Oh, and just in case you don’t believe me and my “little” review, my 8-year-old daughter also wrote a Kid’s Review, so check that out below.

Have you seen Flora and Ulysses yet?