Free Pixar Onward Coloring Pages For An Adult Sip And Color

With the Corona going around tryna get folks, I’ve been keeping my daughter and myself inside as much as possible. And since I’m an introvert on top of being a homebody, for me … it’s not that hard!

But every now and then the anxiety of everything that’s happening kicks in and I internally freak out!

So when our good friend Marshall (from Disney’s PR team) passed along these Pixar Onward coloring pages in honor of Pixar’s new movie, Onward, coming to Disney Plus on April 3rd I immediately thought “Sip and Color”.

Cause … yeah! Lol You see my blog title, do I need to explain? Lol

I know lots of folks associate coloring pages with kids, but honestly, I love coloring more than my daughter does! And since I love Disney just as much as her, I figured these Pixar Onward coloring pages would be great for an adult sip and color activity.

All you have to do is print the coloring pages below, grab some crayons or colored pencils, pour a drink and get to work!

(Need a drink recipe? Check out these cocktails.)

Also, if you don’t have colored pencils or crayons handy, grab one of these below. (FYI – If you purchase using the links below, I’ll earn a very small commission from your sale, and as you know right now every penny counts! So thanks in advance. Lol)

P.s – If you can’t wait for Onward to be released on Disney Plus, you can watch Onward on Amazon Prime Video right now. (Just click the photo below.)

Oh and if you haven’t seen Onward yet, it was great!

My daughter and I saw it a few days before it was released so check out my full review of Pixar’s Onward movie here. I also spoke about Onward in my very first podcast episode, so you can check that out below.

Now for the coloring pages …


Pixar Onward Coloring Pages

Pixar Onward Coloring Pages - Barley Lightfoot

Pixar Onward Coloring Pages - Laurel Lightfoot

Pixar Onward Coloring Pages - Blazey

Pixar Onward Coloring Pages - Ian Lightfoot

Pixar Onward Coloring Pages - The Manticore


And just in case you’re unfamiliar with Pixar’s Onward, here’s a little bit about the movie …

In ONWARD, teenage elf brothers Ian and Barley Lightfoot (voices of Tom Holland and Chris Pratt) get an unexpected opportunity to spend one more day with their late dad, embarking on an extraordinary quest aboard Barley’s epic van Guinevere. Like any good quest, their journey is filled with magic spells, cryptic maps, impossible obstacles, and unimaginable discoveries.

But when the boys’ fearless mom Laurel (voice of Julia Louis-Dreyfus) realizes her sons are missing, she teams up with a part-lion, part-bat, part-scorpion, former warrior – aka The Manticore (voice of Octavia Spencer) – and heads off to find them. Perilous curses aside, this one magical day could mean more than any of them ever dreamed.

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Pixar Onward Coloring Sheets Onward Pixar Coloring Sheets

P.s – Here’s a full review of Pixar’s Onward movie.

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