A few days ago, Riah had her first solo kid’s press day and got to interview Laila Lockhart-Kraner from Dreamwork’s new kids series (now streaming on Netflix) called, Gabby’s Dollhouse! Yup, she did this one all on her own!

She even prepared all 10 questions herself!

riah wyllie kid reporter gabby's dollhouse interview

Of course, I sat close by in case she needed help with anything, but if you’ve been following our Popcorn and Tater Tots YouTube channel, then you know she’s been doing this interview thang for awhile!

(I still need to publish her mini interview with Jo Jo Siwa!)

I’ve included the video of her FULL interview below, so you can see how great her interview really was, and to see Riah in action. However …

If you’re wondering what Riah and Laila discussed during the interview, here are a few things they covered:

  • Laila’s favorite scene to shoot in Gabby’s Dollhouse
  • Does Laila really have a cat named Floyd
  • Laila’s favorite song from the show
  • Which cat Laila would choose if she could only have one
  • The hardest episode to film
  • What it was like being on the Gabby’s Dollhouse set for the first time

… and so much more!

Here’s her Gabby’s Dollhouse interview with Laila Lockhart-Kraner below:

Have you guys seen Gabby’s Dollhouse yet?? It’s super cute, and Riah loved it! (It’s definitely one of those “just for kids” shows though! So if you’re looking for something for the whole family to watch check out Secrets of Sulphur Springs on Disney Channel!)

If your kids haven’t watched Gabby’s Dollhouse on Netflix yet, click here to watch the new kids series today.