Harry Potter “Wizards Take Flight” VR Experience Review: Is It Really Worth $37 A Ticket?

On the last day of our Spring Break, I took Riah to the Harry Potter store here in NYC to check out their “Wizards Take Flight” VR experience, so of course I had to share our review.

I’m not gonna lie … when I got on the website to book our tickets, I was a little taken back on the price! $37 for a ticket seems like A LOT! Even for us. In total I spent about $75 for us both? I couldn’t imagine having to pay for a family of 4! Which funny enough, when we went, there was definitely a family of 4 with us.

So yeah … after I saw the price, I cringed, and decided to buy the tickets anyway.

And then I learned that tickets are non-refundable day of! You have to cancel at least 24 hours in advance to get your money back. Which completely sucks. Especially since I woke up not feeling well … you guessed it … the day of!

Because I spent almost $100 on our tickets, I trucked to the city anyway, to find out if this Harry Potter VR experience was really worth it, so here’s our review.

Harry Potter “Wizards Take Flight” VR Experience + Review:

Is the Harry Potter “Wizards Take Flight” VR Experience really worth $37 a ticket?

It’s worth it! Totally worth it!

Yes, it’s a little pricey, and YES the experience isn’t that long.

(Check in, gear up, plus the flight is only about 30 mins long in total.)

But …

We had a fantastic time, and to me it was totally worth the experience!

Especially if you, and/or your kids are Harry Potter fans, and have always wanted to know what it’s like to fly on a broom around Hogwarts!

So start saving up, and add this to your NYC Bucket List folks, because it’s oh so worth it!

Wait … what’s the Harry Potter “Wizards Take Flight” VR Experience really like?

Cold? Wet? A tad bit scary! Especially if you’re afraid of heights, like moi, or afraid of Death Eaters, like most kids are.

But it’s definitely freaking cool, and totally feels like flying!

Oh and it’s only cold and wet because you’re flying on a stormy night! So there’s wind and “rain sprinkles” throughout the Death Eaters fight with Hagrid.

Right after we got off, my daughter asked if we could do it again! That’s how fun it was.

And she screamed her head off through the entire experience!

It was hilarious. But unfortunately for her, I was too busy trying not to crash, or fall off my broom, so it’s pretty much every man for themselves once you’re in the air. Sorry, not sorry!

So even though it can be a little scary for kids, and it takes some getting used to, it’s absolutely worth it in my opinion.

If you’re scared of heights …

Don’t worry, you’ll be okay.

You can keep your feet on the ground if you’d like, so you can remember you’re really not in the air. Plus, the first few minutes of the experience is just you getting a hang of flying. So by the time Hagrid “needs you”, you’ve basically had a few minutes for your body to adjust.

And if you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World, and done “Fight of Passage” in Pandora, it’s pretty similar to that ride, so you’ve got this!

I too am scared of heights … and it usually takes me a few moments to remind myself everything is okay, before I adjust, and then I can fully emerge myself into the experience!

Once you adapt, it’s smooth sailing from there and it feels AMAZING!

I pretty much leaned into it, and really began to fly freely, once I got a hang of it. Good thing too, because that’s exactly when the Dementors and Death Eaters attacked.

Yup, there are Dementors and Death Eaters! So once you get used to flying, they give you a wand, and it’s GO time!

Someone on staff will literally put a wand in your hand, mid-flight, so you can fight while flying, and boy do I have to give it to Harry!

Flying and casting spells is no joke!

But it’s absolutely wonderful to finally learn what it’s truly like.

So we had a blast, and now I can’t wait to take her back so we can do the second Harry Potter VR experience on our next break!

And here’s to hoping they event one of these VR experiences for quidditch, because I’ve gotten pretty good at flying and casting spells! It’s now time to try my hand at every wizards favorite sport!

Oh and just in case you’re wondering! We did win our fight. I did not fall off my broom. Riah survived the dementors. And we both celebrated afterwards with butterbeer ice cream! Which I’ll review separately this week!

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