So as mentioned in my last post about Camp DreamWorks, camp started today and my daughter participated in The Boss Baby draw along and learned how to draw Boss Baby using their easy video tutorial on Facebook. I’ll share the video below in case your kids want to participate as well.

However, it was super duper easy for her to follow, and actually went by really quickly! I think the next time there’s a draw along I’ll pause work for a few minutes to do it with her. I mean the video was only about 6 mins long, so it’s a really easy way to pause work this Summer and spend some time with our kids, even though we still have to work.

Here’s how Riah’s drawing came out after learning how to draw Boss Baby using the tutorial video



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Can I just say that this came out WAY better than I expected it to?! Plus, there was no fussing or complaining about how it was too hard for her to do. She just sat down with her laptop, hit play, and went to work!

Here’s the tutorial video she used during Camp DreamWorks


Now, it doesn’t look exactly like the drawing from the tutorial video, but I don’t think we can ever compete with an actual DreamWorks Animation artist. Lol Especially since we CAN’T draw! So her completing this all alone, with no help, and no fussing was GREAT!

I can’t wait for her to participate in the other activities this week!

Here’s the full Camp DreamWorks schedule for the rest of the week

Camp DreamWorks Week 1 Schedule

Camp Warner Bros starts this week too! So she’s gonna be quite busy this Summer with 2 virtual camps. (Hopefully! Lol)

If you guys use this tutorial to draw boss baby, make sure to share your photos online tagging me @shayewyllie and using the hashtag #CampDWTaterTots so we can check it out!

I can’t wait to see your drawings! Oh and don’t forget to watch The Boss Baby in action on Netflix!

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