Listen, Summer is quickly approaching! Okay, honestly, Summer’s already here! My kid was totally staring at the calendar and counting down until the first day of Summer as if she doesn’t have another week of school. Lol

But once school closes, it’s back to staring at screens all day long, as she catches up on her favorite shows. Nope, I’m totally kidding! This Summer we were invited to participate in Camp Warner Bros by our friends over at Warner Bros. Home Entertainment! So what is Camp Warner Bros?

Camp Warner Bros Is An 8 Week Movie At Home Camp

It’s that simple! Each week we’ll get a new movie to watch, and a new fun activity to do, and we’re inviting you to join us!

All you have to do is sign up on the sheet below, and then join us on Wednesday for our weekly camp activity (that we may do on zoom if possible) and on Friday for our Camp Movie Night at 7 PM EST.

That way all of our Tater Tot campers can participate together. But don’t worry, if you can’t join during the designated time, you’ll have all week to complete your activity and watch your movie.

Just be sure to share photos or videos of your work on social media tagging @shayewyllie and using the hashtag #CampWBTaterTots so you can be entered to win Camper of the Week! What’s that? Keep reading!

Camper of the Week

Camp Waner Bros Camper of the Week Certificate

So, if your kids have ever participated in a camp then they may have had a Camper of the Week, where one kid gets chosen to be highlighted for their extraordinary participating, or behavior that week.

So of course, being the awesome Camp Director that I am, I thought we should have our own Tater Tots Camper of the Week.

So each week one camper will be chosen, and they’ll receive the certificate above along win a small prize as a thank you for participating.

For more information about camp, watch our video …

Camp Warner Bros Checklist + Movie Review Template

Oh and of course I created a cute checklist that campers can use to track what movies and activities they do this Summer.

And at the end of camp, they can write what their favorite movie was, along with their favorite activity.

Oh, and since Riah has asked for all campers to write a movie review for each movie they watch, I created a form for that as well.

So just print them out, or fill them out digitally and submit the movie reviews to us weekly so she can read them.

Note: Click on the photos to download the pdf.

Camp Warner Bros Movie Checklist

Camp Warner Bros Movie Review Template

Don’t Forget To Sign Up For Camp Warner Bros Below

Will you be joining us for camp this Summer?

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