Thanks to Disney Plus, I got to watch “Ms. Marvel” episode 1 and 2 a few days before it released on their streaming service, to review, and I absolutely loved it. Not only am I IN LOVE with this new Marvel teen superhero series, and can’t wait to watch it with my preteen once it finally drops on June 8th. It also reminds me so much of my own childhood! But you can read my full review of Ms. Marvel episode 1 after you read this parent review. So …

Here’s Everything Parents Need To Know About The “Ms. Marvel” Disney Plus Series

This Parent Review is also for Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Godparents, siblings, and anyone else that may be looking to watch the “Ms. Marvel” series on Disney Plus with kids. It also includes a few spoilers to discuss scenes that may be triggering for kids.

Ms. Marvel Review

What is “Ms. Marvel” about?

Okay so, “Ms. Marvel” is Marvel’s latest comic influenced Disney Plus original series about a Muslim American geeky teen girl from Jersey City who doesn’t feel like she fits in at home, or at school. That is, until she gets superpowers like the heroes she’s always looked up to.

As an avid gamer and a voracious fan-fiction scribe, Kamala is a Super Hero megafan with an oversized imagination—particularly when it comes to Captain Marvel. But life completely changes for her when she attends a special event with her best friend, as “normal” teenagers do.

Is this series kid-friendly?


So far, from what I’ve seen in episode 1 and episode 2 … this series is one of the more kid/family friendly series Marvel has on Disney Plus currently.

This feels more “kid friendly” than WandaVision, which my daughter loved.

Is this series best for younger kids? Older kids?

Ummm … I would say this one is safe for school age children, although its content feels more geared towards preteens and teens.

However, it does have a PG rating!

Are there any inappropriate scenes or components for kids? (ex: language, songs, etc.)

So there’s nothing hugely inappropriate.

But I mean, she jumps out the window of her room? So if your kids are low key rule breakers, that’s good to remind them NOT to do?

There’s also a lesbian couple in episode 2 … they do absolutely nothing sexual, so aside from them saying “they’re a couple” there’s nothing there kids can’t see.

Oh, and episode 2 also has a few kids drinking. Again, it’s nothing heavy. They’re at a party, and she’s tricked into drinking something, and is then completely disgusted by its taste.

Are there any positive messages in this series?

Positive messages are always great talking points so I always try to find something that my daughter and I can discuss afterward. (Or during one of the thousand times she mentions the series after watching it.)

Plus when something similar happens, I always use movies and tv shows to help her understand the situation at hand.

I’ll update this section once the series is over with anything I notice.

How scary is the “Ms. Marvel” series?

Episode 1 and 2 aren’t scary at all. This isn’t spooky like “MoonKnight“, or even like Disney Channel’s “Secrets of Sulphur Springs series.

But this is more of a teen drama, rom-com, series. So it’s not supposed to be!

I am anticipating a few fight scenes coming up in future episodes, due to what happens in the end credits after episode 1. So I’ll have to update this, but so far, we’re good!

There is a point in episode 2 where a kid almost falls to his death, so that could be scary for younger kids. But he isn’t hurt.

Is there a ton of violence in this series?

There isn’t any fighting or much violence at all in the first 2 episodes. Not like the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series.

I expect this to change through episodes 3-6, but since it’s rated PG it may not be much.

Will parents actually enjoy this series?

Definitely! If you’re already a big fan of teen dramas, this one’s perfect for you. But even if you’re not, and you’re just looking for a Marvel series to watch with the entire family, you’ll be able to enjoy this one.

This isn’t for “Marvel bros” looking for an intense, fast paced, series though. It’s definitely made for families.

Are there any catchy songs kids may remember or get stuck in your head?

The end credits song is awesome, and a rendition of “Blinding Lights” plays at the beginning.

But the music throughout is familiar pop songs, mixed with Pakistani hip hop, and songs, so it’s pretty cool.

Do you need to stay for the end credits?

Yes you do! Well …

“Ms. Marvel” episode 1 has an end credit scene. Episode 2 doesn’t have one.

Anything else worth mentioning?

Well, of course, there is! Lol

If you’ve read my movie reviews on Popcorn and Tequila (my movies + tv shows blog for adults) then you know I ALWAYS have a ton to say.

So here are some other things worth mentioning …

  • The stop motion and animated overlays are super cute!
  • The boy drama feels quite familiar … giving off “Never Have I Everbut with superpowers vibes.
  • It’s nice that they put their prayer routine at the mosque in the series.
  • There’s a “The Devil Wears Prada” reference, so I hope you catch it.

And that’s it!

I hope this review helps you make a decision on whether or not the “Ms. Marvel” series is right for you and your family.

Ms. Marvel premieres on June 8th! New episodes are available to watch every Wednesday on Disney Plus.