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Mulan Activity Sheets

mulan activity sheets
Photo Credit: Disney Plus

Riah and I got to screen Disney’s new Mulan live action film a few weeks ago and it’s nothing like the animation film, but it was still a great film for our entire family. I mean my mom and dad really love action films, but since my daughter is only 8, we can’t watch anything above a PG-13 rating, so it’s often difficult finding movies for family movie night, that will keep both my daughter and my parents interested!

Most family films we love are animation movies, and my parents get tired of those fast. But Mulan kept everyone glued to the screen, so I’m grateful!

However, what you’re really here for are the activity sheets inspired by the new Mulan film, so just keep scrolling and you’ll find a whole packet your entire family can use during your own family movie night.

Mulan is currently on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and Digital, and will premiere on Disney Plus on Dec 4th.

Now here’s what you really came here for …


Free Printable Activity Sheets From Disney’s Mulan

Just click on the photo below to download and print your free Mulan activity sheets.

mulan activity sheets

Have you guys seen the new live action Mulan movie yet? And if not, are you planning on having a Mulan themed family night?


Written by Shaye Wyllie


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