June is quickly approaching and honestly, I don’t even know how May is over already! Didn’t May just start like yesterday? Lol

What is going on?! OMG! But either way, as with every new month, comes new movies and shows to watch! So here are 3 things we’re super excited to watch on Disney Plus in June 2020.

3 Things Every Family Needs To See On Disney Plus In June 2020

Be Our Chef Finale – June 5

Disney Plus be our chef

Be Our Chef was released on Disney Plus a few weeks ago, but I just started watching it last week with my family and we LOVE it!

So much that my daughter has decided she no longer wants to be apart of our family. Apparently, she wants to go join one of the Be Our Chef families, so she can have a chance to win a Disney Cruise! Lol Sigh …

However, if your kids love watching Master Chef Junior, then they’ll love Be Our Chef, which is basically Disney Plus’s spin on Master Chef.

Each episode features a new Disney themed cooking challenge, and they’re super fun to watch. Especially when families get put on “time out” while their food is still on the stove and they can’t touch it at all! *cringe*

be our chef baymax challenge
Photo Credit: Disney Plus – Baymax Desert Challenge created by the Platt family

But since Disney Plus only releases new Be Our Chef episodes weekly (on Fridays) we’re all caught up and impatiently waiting for the Finale next week! (P.s – this week’s episode involves a Toy Story themed challenge!)

Next up …

Artemis Fowl – June 12

Artemis Fowl Movie Disney Plus

Now as you probably already know, Artemis Fowl was supposed to be released in theaters this year. But thanks to our new (unwanted) friend Ms. Coronavirus, theaters were shut down. *sigh* However, Disney decided to release Artemis Fowl on Disney Plus and now I can’t wait to see it!

A lot of people complained about the new movie being extremely different from the book, but guess what? I still haven’t read it! Lol

So I’m not even worried.

But this is definitely a must-see in June! So if you haven’t seen the Artemis Fowl trailer make sure you check it out.

Oh and make sure you subscribe to our new YouTube channel since my daughter hasn’t seen the trailer yet and we’re gonna do a trailer reaction video (like the one we did for the We Bare Bears movie).

Last, but not least …

The Lightning Thief – June 26

Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief

Please don’t scream at me but … we haven’t seen The Lightning Thief yet! Lol I know, I know! We just never saw it! So I was super excited when I saw it was gonna be on Disney Plus in June!

I’m not even sure what the movie is about, but I know lots of people who LOVE it, so I’m excited to see it.

We watch movies at least once a week all together as a family, so this is gonna make a great family movie night next month!

But yeah … those are the 3 things every family needs to watch on Disney Plus in June! And if you do watch any of the above, just let me know!

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