As Mother’s Day is quickly approaching this year, I’m currently sitting here wondering what the hell I’m gonna get my mama! Which of course, is how I found the perfect Mother’s Day gift for Disney loving moms who ALSO love coffee, like myself. Lol

Ain’t it weird how we always set out looking for a gift for someone else, and then magically find a thousand things we want! (But when we’re looking for shit for ourselves, somehow we can’t find a damn thing we like? Lol)

Happens to me EVERY single time I go shopping for my mom! Like, “she probably wouldn’t like this but I sure would”. Lol Ugh!

Anywho, while looking for a gift for my mom, who also recently just became a mom who loves to watch movies and tv shows now that we have a fire stick (also another great Mother’s Day gift if your mom doesn’t already have one) I found the cutest coffee creamer and sugar ceramic set!

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perfect gift for disney moms who love coffee
Photo Credit: Amazon

How freaking cute is this??? I absolutely love it!

And I’m not gonna lie, I kind of want one for myself! But I don’t drink coffee (at home) enough! Lol I’m a “grab a caramel latte with 6 extra pumps of caramel from Dunkin Donuts on our way to wherever I’m going, even if it’s just me going home from dropping the kid off at school” kind of mom. Lol

So I probably don’t really NEED a creamer and sugar set? Especially not living where I am right now. But when we MOVE issa wrap! Lol I’m getting this!

And I’ll buy caramel flavored creamer and drink coffee in one of my Disney themed mugs (ahem, which are also great gifts and would pair well with the creamer and sugar set above) and be a happy camper.

But for right now, I’ll save the $20 and worry about finding my mama a gift. Lol

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disney aladdin coffee creamer and sugar ceramic set for moms who love coffee
Photo Credit: Amazon

But that doesn’t mean YOU shouldn’t get this! Whether it’s for you, or your mom this Mother’s Day, doesn’t even matter! Someone needs to buy this thing because it’s too cute not to buy if you love Disney and drink coffee often.

(P.s – If you purchase anything from any of these links, aka my amazon affiliate links, I’ll get a small commission from the sale. It’s usually a few pennies, and it costs you nothing extra, but just needed to let you know that.)

Click here to purchase this Aladdin Ceramic Sugar & Creamer Set on Amazon today.

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the perfect gift for disney moms who love coffee

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