When we visited Walt Disney World for the very first time in March for Riah’s 10th birthday, I had no plans of actually creating content or a review for our Royal Guest Room at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort. So of course I didn’t take a ton of photos or videos.

It was Riah’s big weekend, and I wanted to stay in that bubble for as much as possible. But of course I couldn’t go to Disney World for the first time and NOT take notes! It’s what I do.

So here’s a quick review of Disney’s Royal Guest Room at their Port Orleans Riverside Resort …

We snagged a Royal Guest Room with a “woods view”, at the very last minute, a few weeks before our trip. And since we got in late at night, we had to walk over the bridge, in the dark, to our resort and room.

Of course we almost got lost because it was so dark, and the sprinklers turned against us! BUT … now that I look back, it was kind of fun running and dodging so we didn’t get wet. I guess that’s all part of the magic when you arrive at like 12am, right?

Anywho, once we found the room, it reminded me a lot of our Powerpuff Girls room at the Cartoon Network Hotel. Both give off motel vibes, when you’re a New Yorker, and used to hotels inside large grand buildings. But Disney’s Royal Guest Room was definitely a bit nicer than Cartoon Network’s. And definitely cleaner.

Our double queen bed was just the right size for the two of us, as we each got our own bed to lay in after our long park days! I don’t think I would be too happy with sharing these rooms with more family or friends, to be honest. Not after being exhausted from the parks. But if you HAD to, and/if you had smaller kids then it’s possible.

Here’s a quick tour of our room …

The room itself, outside of the lovely Princess and the Frog photos, and pretty colors, is a bit basic for a “Royal” guest room. And the Princess letter they hand you at the front desk, was also on our table so the paper version wasn’t needed.

There is a fridge, under the TV, if you need one, which we only used to keep drinks cold. And the sink was outside of the bathroom? Which at first was a bit weird. But came in handy when we needed to get ready, since Riah could shower while I brushed my teeth, and we wouldn’t have to be squished into one bathroom.

There’s not really a lot of space to hang items, if that’s what you’re used to doing. But since we usually “live out of our suitcases” for short trips, we didn’t need hangers, or closet space.

Overall …

I’d totally stay in one of Disney’s Royal Guest Rooms at their Port Orleans Riverside Resort again! We were so busy on our weekend trip, we didn’t get to explore much of the resort outside of our room, the bus stop, one quick restaurant stop, and a extremely dark stroll pass the river and over the bridge back to our room. So I’m pretty sure there’s more to see!

This room was perfectly fine for what we needed for Riah’s birthday weekend. It’s also a bit more cost friendly compared to some of the other Disney resorts.

So if you’re thinking about taking the kids for a short trip, the Royal Guest Room would definitely be great! Especially if your kids love the Princess and the Frog movie.

There aren’t a lot of fancy bells and whistles here. But the grounds (which I’ll show you a quick tour of in a few) is really pretty during the day, and it’s a great escape from the city life.