Y’all, Riah and I went to Walt Disney World for the first time a few months ago to celebrate her 10th birthday and I didn’t take a whole lot of photos and videos at our resort. But … here’s a super quick review of the Port Orleans Riverside Resort anyway.

Port Orleans Riverside Resort Review

The Port Orleans Riverside Resort is a cute Disney hotel for families.

As I mentioned in my Royal Guest Room review, there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles here, but the grounds are gorgeous in the sunlight! I’m kind of sad we didn’t get to walk around more.

I’m also super sad we missed movie night! But we were on our way back from one of the Disney parks, and it was late, and I was convinced I had to get up early the next morning. So we skipped “movies under the stars” and just opted to lay in bed and watch Cricket Green on tv instead.

However, the resort was exactly what we needed for our short Disney trip.

And it was only about a 10 minute Uber to each park! (Which was great, because that meant the trips to and from were only about $10 bucks each.)

We did take the Disney bus from our resort to the park one day, since Riah begged to do that. Not sure why since we’re from NYC and I’m pretty much over crowded busses. They’re exactly like public transportation, only with cute Disney characters on the outside, and its a free ride to the park.

We only visited the on site restaurant once, since we mostly ate at the parks.

For some reason the option to have a pizza delivered to our room was unavailable — probably covid related. So we walked and grabbed a pizza instead.

Of course that’s when I realized we were literally near a river? Silly me.

So the walk back to our room was lovely! I just wish we had more time to spend outdoors and take in the entire resort. It was a lovely escape from our city life.

Please note that … if you get in late like we did (around 12am) your check in is in a different building than your room.

It’s the same building you’ll find your dining options. But you will have to walk across a bridge to your room! It’s a cute, short walk, and yes we kept our eyes out for gators, but when you’re tired at night, and it’s dark the trip feels super long? Oh, and their sprinklers are on at night! So that was fun! (No seriously, I turned it into a whole game and we ran around the grounds trying not to get wet as we tried to find our room in the dark. It was a whole thing!)

Overall …

We didn’t spend much time at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort, and I’m kinda bummed about that. It would have been nice to walk around during the day, and explore. It’s super pretty. Now I know why families usually have a “resort day”.

We didn’t visit the pool, do any activities, nada!

So I’m definitely looking forward to going back! We need a full day at the resort!