Here’s Everything Parents Need To Know About The SCOOB Movie

This Parent Review is also for Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Godparents, siblings, and anyone else that may be looking to watch the SCOOB movie with kids.

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What is the SCOOB movie about?

So if you’re thinking about watching the new SCOOB movie with kids, then you’re probably old enough to remember the Scooby-Doo cartoon and therefore have some sort of idea of what this movie will be about.

However, SCOOB tells us the backstory about how Shaggy met Scooby, and how they became best friends fo’ life! Lol It also shows us how the entire gang met and became friends.

But this particular movie is all about Scoob and how he’s actually super, duper important to the entire world, not just his people!

And when Dick Dastardly (yeah, that’s the villain’s name, and yes there are jokes about that lol) finally figures out Scoob is the “key” he needs to complete his evil plan, Dick sets out to snag Scoob.

Along the way, Scoob and Shaggy meet their idols Blue Falcon and Dynomutt, fight off cute robots that can disguise themselves as bowling balls and pins, try to defeat Captain Caveman, and end up in a situation they never foreshadowed.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out below. 

Is this movie kid-friendly?

Definitely! It’s rated PG and rightfully so.

There was one thing I cringed at though.

As a girl mom, some things stand out to me a bit more. (As I’m sure some things stand out more to parents of boys.)

But since my daughter is still young, sometimes I just sit things out and hope she doesn’t get it. (And usually, she doesn’t.)

There’s really no reason to make things a big deal if the kids don’t even understand it, so woosah and don’t freak out just yet!

Is this movie best for younger kids? Older kids?

I totally believe the SCOOB movie is for older kids.

Ages 5+ should be okay, but 7+ is probably better.

However, please keep in mind your child’s maturity level.

My kid has always been great at sitting through movies, even at a young age, so this age recommendation could vary.

However, with evil robots running around, and an evil villain trying to dognap our beloved Scoob, this could get a bit scary for kids under 7 or 8.

Are there any inappropriate scenes or components for kids? (ex: language, songs, etc.)

The first thing that jumped out at me was the “sexy cop” scene.

Like I said above, I have a daughter, and the older she gets, the more she understands and imitates.

So I really have to be careful about what she watches now.

During the SCOOB movie, the gang gets pulled over by a “sexy cop” and I literally cringed through the entire scene because I don’t need my daughter trying to be sexy at 8!

And if you think I’m just “tripping” she definitely tried to flip her hair and be cute the same way the cop did while she was watching the movie.

She also points out that her boobs are growing now. Although she doesn’t use the word “boobs”. Lol

But she’s definitely aware of what’s going on, despite only being in second grade. So it’s something I worry about. And it may be something you have to pay attention to if you have a son around her age as well.

Oh, and there are definitely dick jokes.

Not that the younger kids would actually get them! (Unless you use the word “dick” at home often, instead of “penis”. We don’t so this went over her head.) So if your kids are on the younger side, think third grade and younger, this joke is gonna go right over their heads.

If you have kids in the fourth grade and older though, then you KNOW how they’re gonna react to this. Lol

The joke is basically just Scooby trying to say Dick Dastardly’s name, but since you know Scooby can’t pronounce a D, he ends up saying R and calling him Rick. So, of course, Dick needs to correct him a thousand times in an attempt to make sure he says DICK correctly.

So yeah, it’s probably meant to be funny for the adults, but it’s honestly just unnecessary in a movie that’s meant for kids.

I also saw some other parents mentioned “f-bombs” in their reviews.

I was probably too busy tweeting to notice, but Shaggy says, “I dropped an F-bomb” when referring to a “Falcon bomb”.

But again, this goes over the little kids’ heads.

It’s the older kids you have to worry about for these jokes. Cause by the time they’re in fourth grade, they know what an F-bomb is.

And honestly, depending on what school your kid is in, and what kids they hang out with, they might know even if they’re not in fourth grade yet.

Are there any positive messages in this movie?

Um… this is one of those movie components that I’m always looking for when watching movies with my kids. So of course, I found two. Lol

The one that really jumped out at me is …

it’s heroic to be scared and still try“.

Another one I really liked was …

if you’re mean to others they may not help you later when you need it“.

Positive messages are always great talking points so I always try to find something that we can discuss afterward. (Or during one of the thousand times she mentions the movie after watching it. Lol)

Plus when something similar happens, I always use movies and tv shows to help her understand the situation at hand.

How scary is the SCOOB movie?

Not scary at all! If your kid is of age.

For really young kids the robots might be a bit scary.

But my daughter and I are both really emotional beings, and SCOOB didn’t bring up any red flags for either of us.

Is there a ton of violence in this movie?

Nope! There are no guns or swords, or anything like that. There is some dognapping, and Dick forces Scoob to do something he doesn’t wanna do.

There’s also a small fight between Blue Falcon and Captain Caveman.

But that’s it. Which is great!

Was it worth the price for our family?

Currently, it’s $19.99 to rent SCOOB for 48 hours and $24.99 to purchase a copy to keep. If you don’t have a copy yet, you can rent or purchase the movie at

However, we were sent a digital copy of the movie (for free) to participate in the #SCOOBMovieNight Twitter Party, so I didn’t actually have to pay for it. (Yeah, I know we’re part of the “lucky group of bloggers” that got to see it for “free”. Lol Whateverrrr!)

But would paying $20 be worth it for OUR family? (Which currently consists of myself, my daughter, my parents, and my sister who’s 21, since that’s who we watched the movie with.)

Considering it’s about $10 (or more) for a movie ticket here in NYC, the price is definitely more affordable than taking her out to the movies.

But we LOVE the movie theater experience, so I would have had NO problem paying $30-$40 (that’s counting the cost of a large popcorn and drink that we share) to see this in theater since we’d be out having fun.

However, having to pay $20 to watch a movie at home, for us, is a lot. It’s like how we all hate the idea of paying for shipping, no matter what the cost is. Lol Cause I mean … it’s really not the same experience.

So the movie has to be GREAT for us to have a wonderful time, laughing at the screen, and really getting into the movie. And I don’t think SCOOB did that for me.

Maybe it’s because I spent the entire time tweeting?

Or maybe it’s because I didn’t hear my parents screaming at the TV. Lol But I don’t think I would have paid $20 for this. (We still haven’t bought Trolls yet because I’m not convinced I should.)

However, I will say that I did rent Dolittle a few weekends ago, for $5.99, which we only watched once, and that was totally worth it.

My parents were super into the movie and talked through the entire thing, and that would have been worth a $20 rental for us.

But of course, it’s different for each family, so keep your family in mind when reading my thoughts. YOU know your family best. So if your family would totally enjoy SCOOB, it may totally be worth it.

And hell, you could even make it an all-day activity using the recipes, scavenger hunt, movie quiz, activity sheets, and coloring pages found in this post. So that could totally be worth it, if you turn it into a big day of SCOOB activities, and top it off with a movie right before bed.

Will parents actually enjoy this movie?

I think so!

Since I grew up on Scooby-Doo, it was super cool to see how everyone met, and how Shaggy and Scooby became best friends. I also just really loved how cute they were as little kids!

SCOOB isn’t a “baby movie”, so I think most parents will enjoy watching this movie with their kids, especially if they grew up on Scooby-Doo themselves.

It’s fun enough that adults can enjoy it along with the kids. I wasn’t like dying of boredom while she was blissfully happy. Lol

Are there any catchy songs kids may remember or get stuck in your head?

This movie is filled with lots of song clips from popular songs that are super on point, and lots of scoring, despite the movie having an entire soundtrack album. (Still not sure WHY that is, if those songs don’t even appear in the movie, but whatever.)

So, there aren’t any songs that you’ll get stuck in your head from this movie.

However, there are two catchy songs that play during the end credits, “Summer Feelings” by Lennon Stella ft. Charlie Puth, and “On Me” by Thomas Rhett and Kane Brown ft. Ava Max, that we both really love.

Speaking of the end credits …

Do you need to watch the end credits?

Not really. You’re not missing anything, aside from the two songs mentioned above. Which you can just listen to on Spotify or any of these other platforms. Click this link to listen to the entire SCOOB Soundtrack.

However, if you guys have time, the end credits title sequence is really cute and we always love dancing to the music that plays during the end credits, so check it out. (Plus, it’s good to remind the kids that someone spent a ton of time creating the title sequence to fit the movie.)

We watched this movie twice, and both times, my daughter danced to the songs. So if you’re looking for “original music” this is where you’ll find it.

Anything else worth mentioning?

Well, of course, there is! Lol

If you’ve read my movie reviews on Popcorn and Tequila (my movies + tv shows blog for adults) then you know I ALWAYS have a ton to say. Lol

So here are some other things worth mentioning …

  • the gang wasn’t young for long and I really thought they’d dive into that a bit more
  • I loved how the Black girl (Dee Dee Sykes) was so smart but hated how no one ever listened to her (that was super accurate though, cause no one listens to me either lol)
  • the robot being excited was the cutest thing in the movie
  • don’t miss the beginning !!!
  • during the end, Dee Dee Sykes asked for a raise and I LOVED that
  • Dynomutt saying “we still miss him very very very very much” is just like when the kids in the Emperor’s New Groove said “you look like my great great great great grandmother” lol
  • the Netflix joke is funny lol
  • the robots remind me of the minions
  • the movie touches on imposter syndrome and trying to fill someone else’s shoes
  • Dee Dee Sykes reminds me SO MUCH of Shuri from Black Panther

And that’s it!

I hope this movie review helps you make a decision on whether or not the SCOOB movie is right for you and your family.

Movies are supposed to be a fun activity for parents and kids to enjoy together, but there’s nothing worse than paying for a movie that your kid HATES. So I really do hope this helped!

If it did, please let me know in the comments.

Oh, and just in case you don’t believe me and my “little” review, my 8-year-old daughter also wrote a Kid’s Review, so check that out below.

Here’s her review – SCOOB! Kid’s Review


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