Okay, so maybe her actual name isn’t Andi Mack! Lol But would you know who I was talking about if I said, Peyton Elizabeth Lee? Without calling your kids over?! Lol Probably not! Cause I sure wouldn’t!

But the moment I see “Andi Mack” I know exactly who we’re talking about!

My daughter talked about that show for a while, so it’s pretty much embedded into my brain. However, I just got word that Peyton will be staring in a new Disney Plus original movie and I’m super excited!

It looks really good!

disney plus movie peyton elizabeth lee
Photo Credit: Disney Plus

We haven’t seen the trailer yet, since I have a ton of work to do right now and can’t record a trailer reaction video right this second, so we’ll do that first thing tomorrow!

But even without the trailer, I’m intrigued. Hell, that’s what happens when you have a good movie poster! That was the first thing that caught my eye.

Here are all the details for Disney Plus’s latest original movie.

What’s the new Disney Plus original movie called?

The new Disney Plus original movie starring Peyton Elizabeth Lee who’s known for her lead role in the Disney Channel show, Andi Mack, is called “Secret Society of Second-Born Royals”.

the secret society of second born royals disney plus movie

What’s the Secret Society of Second-Born Royals about?

The “Secret Society of Second-Born Royals” movie follows Sam (Peyton), a rebellious teenage royal who unknowingly develops superpowers from a genetic trait attributed only to second-borns of royal lineage.

Second-in-line to the throne of the kingdom of Illyria, Sam constantly questions what it means to be royal and wants to create her own legacy.

But unlike Sam’s picture-perfect older sister Eleanor (Ashley Liao) who will become the next queen, Sam would rather rock out with her bandmate and best friend Mike at an illegal protest or ditch a royal engagement for a wild night out. Fed up with her daughter’s misbehavior, Queen Catherine (Elodie Yung) sends Sam to a summer boarding school.

Disney Plus original movie Secret Society of Second Born Royals
Photo Credit: Disney Plus

Of course, this is where Sam and four other second-born royals – Tuma (Niles Fitch), Roxana (Olivia Deeble), January (Isabella Blake Thomas), and Matteo (Faly Rakotohavana) – discover that they all have unique super-human abilities and are invited to join a secret society with a longstanding tradition of covertly keeping the peace.

With a new sense of purpose and a little help from their Secret Society instructor James (Skylar Astin), Sam and her fellow royal recruits must learn to harness their newfound powers and work together as a team before they can save the world.

live action Disney Plus original movie Secret Society of Second Born Royals
Photo Credit: Disney Plus

More about the movie

Secret Society of Second-Born Royals combines the allure of royalty with the action-packed adventures of superheroes-in-training. The movie also stars Noah Lomax as Mike; and Greg Bryk as the villainous Inmate 34.

“Secret Society of Second-Born Royals” is directed by Anna Mastro (Marvel’s “Runaways,” “The Bold Type”) and executive produced by Zanne Devine (“I, Tonya”), Mike Karz (“Valentine’s Day”) and Austin Winsberg (“Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist”) with Juliana Janes serving as co-producer.

The teleplay was written by Alex Litvak (“Masters of the Universe”) and Andrew Green (“Hannah Montana”) and is based on an original story by Litvak, Green, and Winsberg.

Check out the trailer below

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The new live-action Disney+ original movie, “Secret Society of Second-Born Royals,” will premiere on Sept 25, 2020.

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