Teen Titans Go Vs Teen Titans Kids Review

Teen Titans Go Vs Teen Titans kids review

On Sunday I watched Teen Titans Go Vs Teen Titans by myself and I liked it a lot. (I watched the movie thanks to Camp Warner Bros, you can click here for more information about Camp.) Here’s my full review of the Teen Titans Go Vs Teen Titans movie for kids.

Teen Titans Go Vs Teen Titans is about …

an ultimate universe where the Teen Titans come from. The Teen Titans Go team has to fight the Teen Titans team and there is a big tournament. Raven’s dad is the one who made the tournament because he wants Raven to go full demon so Big Trigon can get his powers and destroy the multi-universe but the Teen Titans Go team and the Teen Titans team save the day.

But I’m sorry you guys, I can’t tell you any more about teen titans versus teen titans go because I like to spoil things and I don’t want to spoil the movie for you and your family if you haven’t watched it yet.

The Teen Titans Go Vs Teen Titans Movie Made Me Feel ….

Happy – When …

I was happy throughout the entire movie. I loved it!

My favorite part was …

when Raven defeated her own father!

My least favorite part was …

when Raven’s powers got drained and she was happy.

I  liked it …

when they sang, it was fun and I really liked it.


I disliked it …

when they almost got hurt.

Teen Titans Go Vs Teen Titans taught me that …

that l should never be mad at a part of myself.

I would recommend this to my friends and other kids because …

it teaches an important lesson and they SING! I love movies that have songs in them!

I would watch this again because …

it is a really, really, really good movie.


Love, Sariah (I hope you love it.)

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Written by Riah


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