A few days ago, Riah and I had the pleasure of speaking to a few of the cast members from The Secret Garden (2020) movie during our cast interview. We posted a snip of our interview on YouTube which is below if you haven’t seen it yet.

But since Amir Wilson wasn’t able to attend the interview due to filming, we reached out to him (through our contacts) to ask him a few questions as well.

So Amir’s answers are below, while Dixie’s and Edan’s answers are in our video.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years is that Riah is pretty darn good with interviews and asking questions. So this interview was super fun for us.

Discussing The Secret Garden (2020) Movie With Amir Wilson

Which scene was your favorite to film?

Amir Wilson: All the scenes where we got to be in water.

Did you read the book and if so which did you prefer the book or the film?

Amir Wilson: I read an adapted shorter version of the book but I definitely prefer the film!

Check out our video below to see which other cast member prefers the film over the book.

In the movie you help heal Jemima, and let Mary know that the dog is actually a boy not a girl. Are you an animal lover? If so, what’s your favorite animal? Have you ever had a dog yourself? Do you have any cool animal stories of your own?

Amir Wilson: Yeah I love animals and my favorite is probably a panther. I’d really love to get a dog at home but I can’t because my mum is allergic to the fur! I also really like horses and got to learn to ride them whilst filming “The Letter For The King” although I got thrown off the horse on the first day of filming!

I loved Amir in The Letter For The King, click here to check out what I thought about episode 1 of The Letter For The King on my adult site Popcorn and Tequila.

Discussing The Secret Garden (2020) Movie With Dixie Egerickx And Edan Hayhurst

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