First trips (to Disney) are fun to plan … until they’re not! And as a perfectionist, it’s hard not to want to do ALL the things at Disney, when it’s your very first time! But trust me when I say, the more you plan, the more you’ll stress. So it’s best to keep the first Disney trip simple, and that includes your hotel, rides, and snacks! (Yes, I plan our snacks! I said simple, not boring!)

Now that Riah and I have both visited Walt Disney World and DisneyLand, I figured it was time to start a running record of all the snacks we loved and recommend! Okay, who am I kidding? I just wanted a place to share all our cute snack photos, and a snack guide was the best way to do that!

However … for each of our first Disney trips, I planned out our snacks! Yup. Just like I planned our outfits, and what rides we would go on, I planned where we’d grab snacks. And not just because I’m a planner who LOVES planning things, but also because it helps keep my anxiety at bay if I know what options we have and where they’re located. And it keeps the fear of missing out on something great, because we didn’t know it existed, low as well.

So, now I’m doing the same thing for you and your family’s first Disney trip! Each snack below is a snack we’ve personally tried, with photos we personally took, and what we thought about them. Hopefully, this makes your snack planning a little easier.

10+ Disney Snacks To Try During Your Family’s First Trip

Note: This is a running list of snacks, so it will get updated every time we visit one of the Disney parks! Which means this list could get long. So just pick your favorite 10 Disney snacks to try on your first trip, or else you’ll have way too many snacks on your hand.

Snacks to try on your first Walt Disney World Trip

The Famous Disney “Churro

churro disney snacks first trip

I hear folks talk about Disney churros ALL the time, so of course we had to try one. (We got it with the chocolate sauce, which isn’t pictured at the Cool Ship in Magic Kingdom on our first day, but Riah hates dark chocolate so she didn’t care for it.)

I will say … this still wasn’t as great as the churros you can get here in NYC from people selling it in the subway, but it wasn’t the worst churro I’ve had.

We’d totally get this again! Riah actually kept saying she wanted another, as we were walking around, but there were too many other snacks to try, to taste the same thing on our first Disney trip twice.

Mango Sorbet

I love me some sorbet, especially when it’s mango! So when my friend decided to take my daughter and her friends to grab some ice cream after we rode Remy’s new ride in Epcot together, of course I grabbed me a double scoop of my fave!

You can do the same at L’Artisan des Glaces in Epcot. Although one scoop each might be more than enough for everyone.

The “Snow White” Cone

So this is actually dole whip, despite it looking like ice cream, and it’s currently my daughter’s favorite dole whip to date. (She’s tried all the dole whips in this post so far, and she loves this one apparently.)

It’s seriously just lemon dole whip, in a blue cone, with a small chocolate bird and bow, but she ate the whole thing while we were walking around Magic Kingdom trying to find the fireworks.

So if your kid loves Snow White, this is definitely a great surprise for them. You can grab the Snow White cone at Storybrook Treats in Magic Kingdom.

A Frozen Strawberry Lemonade Popsicle

Sometimes while you’re walking, you just need something simple to cool you down while you’re looking for your next ride, or taking a quick break. When that happens we always look for a small cart that’s selling popsicles and water, so we can grab them.

We’re pretty much over the Frozen movie now, but this popsicle was pretty good. You can usually find popsicles and ice creams in various small carts all over the parks, so I’m not sure exactly where we found this one in Magic Kingdom.

The “Simba Sunset”

disney snacks first trip dole whip

Okay, so the way my daughter feels about the Snow White cone, is how I feel about this Simba Sunset dole whip we got from Tamu Tamu Refreshments in Animal Kingdom! This is my favorite dole whip so far!

The Simba Sunset is pineapple dole whip, with coconut, strawberry, and watermelon syrups and it’s SO good! You can also get it with coconut rum, and I can’t wait to try it that way when I go back to WDW later this year for my birthday!

Baked Mac & Cheese w/ Pulled Pork

disney snacks first trip

So this mac and cheese was also found in Animal Kingdom, and I still can’t believe they even had a spot just for baked mac and cheese! You have no idea how happy this made me. First of all, Riah’s fave food is pasta, so I knew it wouldn’t take much convincing. But I’m really always shocked when I visit a Disney park and they have something we already love!

Anywho, you can find this at the Eight Spoon Cafe quick service cart in Animal Kingdom. You can also get it without pulled pork, which is how my daughter got hers. She loved it so much she asked if she could get another. So while I ate mine, Riah hopped back on line to buy herself another.

We got super lucky because when we got our food, the outside seats for a nearby restaurant were mostly empty, so we got to sit and take a break.

Oh and WARNING, this is served warm, and the bottom is extremely hot! I always pull a ton of napkins, just in case, so as you can see I had something to help. But I watched a grown man pretty much burn his hands while walking because he didn’t have napkins. So grab napkins, please!

Outpost Popcorn

This sweet and spicy popcorn located at Kat Sakas Kettle, a quick service restaurant in Galaxy’s Edge wasn’t on our list of snacks to try. But my friend was treating our kids so I got to taste this when they all decided to red popcorn was too hot, and not as tasty as the blue grains.

It’s totally not hot at all, but I guess that’s the Caribbean in me who eats pepper sauce in pretty much everything. So I’m totally used to spicy! But it does take a little getting used to the taste. It’s not bad though. I don’t think I’d run to get this again, but it’s definitely worth trying for the first trip experience if you’re a Star Wars fan.

Raspberry Lime Macaron

This macaron is another snack that wasn’t originally on our list, that my friend so nicely treated my daughter to. My daughter has been wanting to meet my friend Amiyrah for like forever now, so I let them run off alone to grab snacks and she came back with this. Which I thought was funny because she hates raspberries.

I cringed, but she was so excited. She did eat the entire thing right after I took this photo though. And yes she took the raspberries out. To be honest, I don’t even remember seeing her eat this dang macaron! I just remember one minute it was there and the next it was gone!

I had to do a bit of research to find where you can grab this, via the app, so if you’re looking to try this it’s at the Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie in Epcot.

Hazelnut and Chocolate Crepe

And here’s yet ANOTHER snack we didn’t have on our original list that one of my friends bought for the kid. (See why I have a list of snacks! If you don’t plan ahead, you miss all the good stuff!)

But she hasn’t had crepes in years, and when she found out my friend was going to Crêpes À Emporter by La Crêperie de Paris in Epcot to get one, she asked if she could get one too. This was right before she skipped over to get ice cream with everyone else.

This is another snack I didn’t pay attention to much, one that just magically disappeared. I can’t tell you if she ate it all or threw out half or what. But I’m pretty sure she ate it all? We definitely had a ton of water this day too! I have no problem spending $3-$4 for a bottle of water because it’s always needed!

Snacks to try on your first DisneyLand Trip

A Tropical Float

disney snacks first trip

Riah hated hers, and guess who ate them both? Yup! I did! There was no way I was letting a drop of this go wasted. That’s how good it was!

This was actually the first time I had ever had dole whip, and boy was it a good one to start with! Although, when I bought it at the time, I didn’t know it would come with fruit because the sign didn’t mention it! So for me it was a great surprise.

The tropical float is a raspberry and lemon dole whip swirl, mixed with a passionfruit, orange, and guava juice, and topped with mango, and strawberry fruit pieces. And yes there’s toasted coconut around the rim!

It was super refreshing and well worth the extremely long wait! I think we stood in line for more than 30 mins at The Tropical Hideaway at DisneyLand Park? And boy was that wait gruesome!

This was the last thing we did for the day, so by then my feet were killing me from walking all day long. So after we grabbed this, we walked straight out the park! But again, totally worth it. Even though, I’m pretty sure that juice mixed in is one of those Dole box juices you can find at the supermarket? But yeah.

Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich

disney snacks first trip

If you’re planning a Disney trip, then I know you’ve heard about the Mickey ice cream bars and sandwiches. I love me an ice cream sandwich, so of course I got this, and Riah got herself a Mickey ice cream bar. They’re totally worth it!

And they’re FROZEN solid, so it’s not melted by the time you pay for it. We had to actually wait awhile to eat them, because they were so frozen. Which, in the heat, is actually a good thing! Otherwise, I’m sure they would have melted.

Of course we grabbed this from a small cart while walking, so I have no idea where we grabbed it from but it was in DisneyLand Park.

Mango Slices

So remember how I said above that I was shocked Animal Kingdom had baked mac and cheese? Welp, that’s exactly how I felt a few months before visiting WDW when we visited DisneyLand for the first time and saw mango slices at Fillmore’s Taste-In at DisneyLand Park!

We hadn’t eaten breakfast either, so this was such a great thing to find so early in the morning! It was near Cars Land, and we originally went over for water, but boy was I excited to find mango.

But … that’s it for now!

Just so you know, you can always use the app to see updated info about the parks, including snack prices. And it’s pretty helpful for showing tickets, making dinner reservations, ordering food, and finding rides, so I suggest downloading it anyway.

As I said, I’ll update this post every time we visit Disney, with new snacks, to keep you guys (and other families) prepared for your first trip. But I hope this has been helpful.

Happy planning!