The Willoughbys Are Coming To Netflix!

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but The Willoughbys are coming to Netflix tomorrow, Wednesday, April 22nd. And when I saw the photo of The Willoughbys family on Netflix’s “Coming Soon” tab, I immediately hit the “My List” button!

I didn’t read the description, I didn’t watch the trailer, and I sure didn’t have these cute free printable activity sheets (that you guys have below) to sway my opinion!

I just instantly knew I needed to see The Willoughbys in action!

So shout out to the character designers real quick, because without knowing who The Willoughbys were, and without any other information besides the photo of what these kids looked like, I was immediately sold!

So who are The Willoughbys?

The Willoughbys Netflix

Shit, I don’t know! Lol (No seriously, pause … I really don’t know! But we’re about to both find out RIGHT now! So keep reading. Lol)

Apparently … Netflix’s new children’s film, The Willoughbys, is based on the children’s book written by Lois Lowry. And despite LOVING Lois, I’ve NEVER heard of this family. (So you probably haven’t either, right?) Well, here’s the book …

the willoughbys lois lowry

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However, the film tells the story of four old fashioned siblings who have been neglected by their parents. Convinced they’d be better off raising themselves, the Willoughby children hatch a sneaky plan to send their selfish parents on vacation.

The siblings then embark on their own high-flying adventure, with their Nanny, to find the true meaning of family.

(Oh and the cast features Maya Rudolph, Alessia Cara, Terry Crews, Jane Krakowski, and Ricky Gervais, which makes me even MORE excited for this movie!)

Check out the trailer for The Willoughbys below.

And just as I expected, it’s the cutest movie ever!

I can’t wait to watch this with my daughter tomorrow! Let’s see if I can order some popcorn or something cause we don’t have any left. Lol

Anywho, ignore my rambles, here are those activity sheets you guys came here for.

Free Printable Activity Sheets Below

Note: All you have to do is right-click and hit “save image to downloads”.





P.s – If you’d rather save the Earth, or you know, just your paper and ink, instead of wasting it on something your kids (or you *ahem* lol) are gonna throw away 5 mins later, you can use these activity sheets digitally.

Just send the photos to your iPhone, iPad, etc and hit “edit photo” and use the markup tool to write and color! BOOM! (FYI – I’ve only tested this on Apple products, so don’t ask me about Androids. Lol)

But otherwise, have fun, you guys! The Willoughbys will be on Netflix tomorrow, so I’ll have a review up later this week!

Click here to watch The Willoughbys.

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