We’re Going To The Cartoon Network Hotel! Here Are 6 Things We Can’t Wait To Do When We Get There

Have you heard?? We’re going to the Cartoon Network Hotel this Friday! Riah and I couldn’t be more excited! The hotel opened up a few months ago and we were supposed to get a sneak peek when it did, but ya know, Corona and what not. *sigh* But now that things are a tad bit better, we’re driving out to the hotel this weekend for a bit of family fun! We SO need this!

And since we’re so excited I figured we’d share a list of the things we can’t wait to do at the Cartoon Network Hotel!

But first … here’s our announcement video where Riah tells you all the details about our trip and 4 things she can’t wait to do.

She’s super excited about this trip, and after watching her struggle to focus today during school (she’s remote learning) for her tests, I’m convinced this trip is much needed! So now that you know what SHE wants to do …

Here Are 6 Things I Can’t Wait To Do When I Get To The Cartoon Network Hotel

1. Eat at the Cartoon Kitchen (and hopefully see the We Bare Bears cooking).

I’ve already made our schedule for the weekend (yes I’m that parent, no it’s not a strict schedule, it’s just so I don’t forget to do anything) and eating at the Cartoon Kitchen is at the top of our list.

I have no idea what we’ll be eating, but I hear they have the ever so famous bacon bacon pancakesss! So I’m excited to see what else they have!

(And I hear if you’re lucky you’ll get to see the We Bare Bears cooking in the kitchen, so we’ll let you know if we see them!)

2. Snack on macaroons at the Bearista Cafe.

cartoon network hotel we bare bears macaroons
Courtesy of the Cartoon Network Hotel

Riah and I are always all about the snacks when we leave NYC.

I don’t know what it is about being out of our hometown, but anytime we leave we try to have as many snacks as possible (like when we went to Texas and had donuts and water ice) and this trip will be no different!

I haven’t had macaroons in awhile so this is very exciting!

3. Play games in the Toon Room and Omnicade.

Outside of our Nintendo Switch, Riah and I don’t play games too often.

But she loves arcade games and so do I, and since we missed out on going to Dave and Buster’s for her birthday in March I’m excited we’ll get another shot at playing a few games before the year is over.

Oh and there’s also a VR game that Riah is interested in playing!

4. Swim, ok walk, in the pool.

cartoon network hotel indoor pool
Courtesy of the Cartoon Network Hotel

There’s an indoor pool that we’re both very excited to take a dip in. But since we can’t actually swim, I’ll just enjoy walking on the bottom? *laughs* And I really don’t have a choice because Riah made me buy a swimsuit!

On our last trip she had to go into the pool and the jacuzzi alone, and she’s not having it this time! So she insisted I buy a swimsuit this time so I can join her.

And I got a super cute one so I can’t wait!

5. Watch a movie outdoors and make s’mores.

The Cartoon Network Hotel has an outdoor movie screen and I can’t wait to sit outside and watch a movie under the stars. (There are stars in Pennsylvania right? We’re from NYC, we barely see them!) However, we’ve never actually MADE real s’mores!

Okay, so we’ve made s’mores but we’ve never made them over a real fire! So I’m super excited about this. I just hope we don’t burn all of our marshmallows like city kids!

6. Mini shopping spree at the Cartoon Network Hotel store.

cartoon network hotel store
Courtesy of the Cartoon Network Hotel

Yup! On the last day of our stay I promised the kid we’d go on a mini shopping spree. But really it’s just because I wanna buy a ton of cute stuff for myself! However, now that my pop socket has fallen off, I do need a new one! So I can’t wait for this spree!

Is there anything here on this list that you’d like to do with your family when you visit the Cartoon Network Hotel?


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