Disclaimer: This recipe was created by Robyn from Mom the Magnificent as well as the featured photo above.

Just like music goes hand in hand with dancing, summer wouldn’t be complete without mouth-watering popsicles! In celebration of the release of the Trolls World Tour movie, now on Digital, 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD, we’re excited to share this delicious Trolls World Tour recipe for Queen Poppy’s Rainbow Pops made by my wonderful friend Robyn, owner of Mom the Magnificent!

But first … I have to say, this movie was awesome!

I love how they used music to teach kids that differences should be celebrated! I hate when folks say “we’re all humans” or “we’re all the same” because guess what? We’re NOT! Yes, we all have things in common, but we’re not the same, and our differences should be celebrated!

If you haven’t watched Trolls World Tour yet, make sure you grab the Dance Party Edition so your kids can learn some cool dance steps and sing all the words to the songs while they watch the movie. But honestly, I think what we loved the most about our copy is having the music videos at our fingertips!

trolls world tour dance party edition

Here are all the bonus features included with the 4K Ultra Hd, BLU-RAYTM, DVD, and digital copy:

  • DANCE PARTY MODE – As Queen Poppy makes her way across the lands, this on-screen experience encourages the viewer to sing and dance along as they customize their own musical journey. With sing-along and dance elements, interactive pop-ups, and more, it’s sure to be a world of fun!
  • TINY DIAMOND GOES BACK TO SCHOOL – In this exclusive original short film, journey back to school with Tiny Diamond as he tries to figure out how to be the cool kid and ‘fit in’.
  • TROLLS DANCE ACADEMY – Compilation of How-To-Dance pieces from Dance Party Mode
    • Pop
    • Waltz
    • Country
    • Funk
    • KPop
    • Reggaeton
  • TROLLS WORLD TOURIST MAP – Cloud Guy provides a quick “tourist guide’s” view of the six realms that make up Trolls Kingdom.
    • Trolls Village
    • Symphonyville
    • Lonesome Flats
    • Vibe City
    • Volcano Rock City
    • Techno Reef
    • Cooper’s Destiny
    • Let’s Go Save the World
    • Bicycle Built for Two
    • Breaktime
    • Meet the Bounty Hunters
    • Making New Friends
    • Cloud 9
  • TROLLS PERFECT HARMONY – Hear from the star-studded cast of Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Anderson .Paak, George Clinton, Kunal Nayyar, James Corden, and the filmmakers about the history of music featured in the film. From classical to country to rock, pop, and techno, the cast and filmmakers reveal their favorite types of music.
  • TROLLS WORLD TOUR BACKSTAGE* – A behind-the-scenes making-of featurette showcases Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Rachel Bloom, Ron Funches, George Clinton, Mary J. Blige, Sam Rockwell and Kenan Thompson as some of the talents behind the Trolls and the process of bringing them to life.
    • Opening Act
    • Headliners
    • Encore!

* Exclusive to 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray™ & Digital

Oh and check out what Dreamworks sent us a few days ago to celebrate the Trolls World Tour home release!


Okay, okay … I know! I’ve done a LOT of talking, and I still haven’t given you that darn Trolls World Tour popsicle recipe yet! I’m sorry. Please forgive me! I love you!

Now here’s that recipe I promised …

Trolls World Tour Rainbow Popsicles Recipe

trolls world tour popsicles recipe

Feel free to right-click the photo above so you can download it to have it handy or just bookmark this page! Which ever is easier.

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