So my daughter (and apparently my sister) have been watching this Cartoon Network cute animation series called We Bare Bears for like forever now and I recently just started watching it on Hulu with them.

It’s ridiculously funny and I can’t believe how much I enjoy watching it! Lol

So imagine my surprise when I got an email a few days ago from Cartoon Network saying there’s a We Bare Bears movie coming out this June! Omg!

Never have I been so excited! Lol

We Bare Bears The Movie will be available for purchase exclusively on digital platforms including iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon, for $14.99, beginning Tuesday, June 30 and I can’t wait!

we bare bears the movie trailer

So what’s the We Bare Bears movie about?

In “We Bare Bears The Movie,” when the bears’ love of food trucks and viral videos gets out of hand, it catches the attention of the menacing Agent Trout from the National Wildlife Control, who pledges to restore the “natural order” by separating them forever.

Chased from their home, Grizz decides there’s only one thing they can do to find refuge – move to Canada!  The Bears embark on an epic road trip filled with new friends, dangerous obstacles, and massive parties.

But most importantly, the perilous journey will force the Bears to face how they first met and became brothers, in order to keep their family bond from splitting apart.

We Bare Bears The Movie was created by Annie Award-winner Daniel Chong, and produced by Cartoon Network Studios. The movie stars Eric Edelstein, Demetri Martin, and Bobby Moynihan as the lovable bears Grizz, Ice Bear, and Panda and will also feature special guest stars such as Marc Evan Jackson, K-pop star Amber Liu, and Jimmy O. Yang.

Here’s what we thought of the We Bare Bears movie trailer

As you can see we’re both excited to watch We Bare Bears The movie! And we both had a lot of fun making this video! So don’t forget to hit subscribe and show us some love over on YouTube as well.

Then grab a copy of the movie so we can all watch it together on June 8th! We may just host a watch party if anyone’s interested! We did one for SCOOB and that was super fun, so just let me know!

Click here to watch We Bare Bears (the series) on Hulu.

Psst, there’s some cute We Bare Bear items on Amazon!

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