Why We Cancelled Our “Be Our Guest” Dinner Reservation

A few weeks ago, I took Riah to Walt Disney World for her 10th birthday! Yup, the big 1-0. We had already visited DisneyLand for the first time last Summer, while staying in LA. So for her birthday she requested Walt Disney World. And then when I asked the girls in the Black Disney Moms Facebook group for recommendations, for my princess loving, girly girl, the coveted “Be Our Guest” reservation was mentioned. A few times.

But getting a reservation at Disney’s “Be Our Guest” restaurant, is super hard to do, because it’s SO popular. It’s even harder to do when you’re planning a Disney trip just a few weeks before your stay, since reservations can be booked WEEKS in advance. And people take advantage of that.

Photo Credit: WDW News Today

So of course I was a little bummed when I saw that “Be Our Guest” had absolutely no reservations left whatsoever before we flew out to Florida. Bummed, but totally not unexpected. And I checked every dang day before we left.

And then magically … I checked AGAIN on the morning of her birthday, the day I wanted her to have a fancy dinner, and BOOM a reservation had opened up!

So I booked it! Instantly! Gleefully!

So Why Did We Cancel Our “Be Our Guest” Dinner Reservation At Walt Disney World Knowing How Hard It Is To Get One?

Well … once my daughter finally woke up from her beauty slumber … I told her about the awesome dinner reservation I booked her.

Expecting her to be just excited.

And then I looked at the menu, as she requested and realized she was going to HATE it.

See, even though my daughter now requests calamari and sushi at least once a month, we’re picky eaters.

She especially is pretty picky.

So when I told her what was on the menu for kids, she wasn’t the least bit impressed.

To my daughter, the buffet dinner, although not quite as fancy or popular as the “Be Our Guest” dinner, sounded a whole lot better!

Even if the palace didn’t match her fancy dress!

So instead of forcing it and wasting a ton of money on a dinner she wouldn’t eat, we cancelled our “Be Our Guest” dinner reservation a few minutes before we were scheduled to sit.

I still think we should have at least TRIED the food, but it WAS her birthday.

And she usually knows what she wants.

Forcing her to have dinner somewhere she didn’t approve, ON her birthday, just sounded cruel!

So we cancelled. And that’s that.

And you know what? She had an amazing dinner, in her fancy dress, at the buffet! She even went back and made herself a second plate. Plus we tried their desserts. So it’s not like she had a miserable birthday dinner. Just not the dinner I envisioned for her, and that’s okay.

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