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As Entertainment writers + influencers, we help millennials of color and their families discover new movies and tv shows that are perfect for them, so they don’t have to spend the entire night scrolling through their streaming apps wondering what to choose.

We use our voices to say what the other family critics won’t while hopefully making those that read Popcorn and Tater Tots smile. Our honest reviews allow families to save time, so they can spend more time enjoying their free time, instead of endlessly scrolling.


Popcorn and Tater Tots is a great place for millennials of color and their families to find new movie and tv show recommendations via reviews.

Popcorn and Tater Tots also features lots of movie night ideas, printable activity sheets, along with lifestyle products and collectible items like shirts, Funko Pops, recipes, and more.

And if a movie or tv show is geared towards families, especially if they have Black leads, producers, and/or directors you better believe we’re interested in writing about it!

Along with reviews and posts about movies and tv shows, we also cover press events, interviews with directors, producers and cast members, film festivals, red carpet movie premieres, local movie screenings and more.


Hi, I’m Shaye, and I’m a Brooklynite, 90’s baby, millennial mom, proud Hufflepuff, and the Editor-of-Chief of Pop. Soda. Fizz, a digital media company that focuses on entertainment and lifestyle content for Black millennial movie lovers and their families. Pop. Soda. Fizz comprises of 2 digital entertainment sites: Popcorn and Tequila (for adults only) and Popcorn and Tater Tots (for families).

Growing up I watched movies and tv shows for fun, just like any other normal kid would, right?  I remember plopping myself down in front of the TV to watch Saturday morning cartoons (which is probably why my eyes are so damn bad now, huh) and eating a bowl of cereal. Much hasn’t changed, aside from the fact that I now have cuter glasses?

But never in a million years did I think I’d turn this hobby of mine into an actual career. So when I left the only industry I’d ever really known (childcare) to pursue a career in the Entertainment industry only a few months ago, I had doubts. But here I am, growing daily, and slowly but surely blossoming into an amazing Entertainment Writer!

Oh and my 8 year old daughter, Riah, gets in on the action too! She helps me run this site, writes her own kid reviews, and has already interviewed a few of her fave Nickelodeon stars, including JoJo Siwa, so her life is just as great.






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For promotion on Popcorn and Tater Tots, we can:

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  • create unboxing videos
  • attend local entertainment related events + movie screenings
  • cover red carpet movie/tv premieres + film festivals
  • host giveaways
  • host or co-host twitter parties
  • interview directors, producers, and/or cast members
  • be your brand ambassador
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  • promote movie/tv show related lifestyle collaborations

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